Editable Map Grid

This is an editable version of your map. This will not reflect in the data below until you click "Generate Grid".


Show Grid: Takes the # rows and # columns and creates an editable grid of that size. Unless there is data in the previous grid data textbox. In which case it creates an editable grid from that data.

Generate Grid: Uses the editable grid and creates both the table code to be pasted into RPoL to show your battlemap. It also creates the JSON data that you can copy and save somewhere else to use later.

Save Grid Saves the generated grids data to the browser's local storage. it saves it with the name given in the text box next to it. If you put spaces in your name the application removes them before saving. Please, note that the save function doesn't use the editable grid it uses the generated data. Also, if your browser doesn't support local storage this functionality will not work.

Saved Grids

This is a list of grids saved to your local storage.

Generated RPoL Table

This is the text you should paste into RPoL to display your battlemap.

Map data JSON string. Save this if your browser doesn't support local storage.